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Technical Support/Adding a counter

Adding a counter to your web site

Follow these instructions and you will be able to use the .cgi script provided for a simple home page counter. You can use this counter on a single page or on multiple pages - your choice.

This cgi routine is available to all our web page customers at no charge. The routine contains some items which you can customize and the directions for the setup are included in the below .html code example. Insert this exact code into your .html document and the counter will begin to increment and display on your .html page(s).

If you have a virtual domain (your own domain name), please send e-mail addressed to advising that you wish to use the counter cgi routine as we have to program the routine to work for your domain. Be sure to provide your domain name in the e-mail message. There is no fee charged to add your domain to the authorized users for this cgi routine and it will be completed during the same or next business day.

If you have the expertise necessary to install and configure the .html coding which calls this cgi script, there will be no charge to you for its use on our server.

If you require our assistance to install or configure the .html code for your home page, we will charge our standard hourly fee for the time required to assist you with your coding.

Caution: In order for the counter to work, you MUST replace the code "df=Mcount" with a word of your choice which is unique to your web site. We suggest you replace "Mcount" with your account userid (not with your password!).

You are visitor to this website.

To obtain the counter shown above, use the following three lines of code in your .html coding.

You are visitor <img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?frgb=ff0000&pad=N&comma=Y&dd=A&st=1 &incr=1&df=Mcount&ft=0"align=absmiddle> to this website.

The following will not be used in your .html code, but is provided as an explanation of the variables in the above three lines of code:

  • frgb= ff0000 color to use
  • pad= N determines No padding
  • comma= Y use comma in counter if value is N, no comma is used if value is Y, a comma is used
  • dd = Digit style, A-D are allowed here.
  • st = 1 determines first number to use when counting in this case we are starting with number 1
  • incr = 1 use this number to increment the counter the counter will increment by the value of 1 each time the page is viewed
  • df = Mcount use this database to maintain counter for your site (Mcount must be unique for each site using this counter - please use your userid in place of Mcount)
  • ft=border size 0-4, 0=no border