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Technical Support/FAQ

Frequently asked technical questions

Here is a listing of our most frequently asked technical questions about using our Internet service. If you don't find your problem listed or you need additional help, feel free to contact us by email. We hope to make your Internet experience as trouble free as possible.

Q: When I try to dial in, it acts like my password is wrong. I keep entering my password, but it will never let me connect. What is the problem?
A: User names and passwords are case-sensitive, and they are usually in lower case unless you specify otherwise. Make sure your caps lock key is not on. Also, double check the user name to make sure that has not accidentally been changed. Remember, spaces also count as characters so make sure that there are no spaces before or after your username. This is also the symptom you will see if your account has been locked out for some reason. Accounts may be locked for security reasons, for violations of our Acceptable Use Policy or for non-payment or billing issues. If you feel this may be the case, please contact our office immediately.

Q: I am connecting at low speeds, or my Internet connection is dropping. What would be causing that to happen?
A: Most problems like that are caused by noisy telephone lines. Try using a telephone that is connected to that same line and listen carefully for noise or static. You may want to contact your telephone company and have them test the line to make sure it is noise free. For more information on this, check out our 56K troubleshooting document.

Q: Windows 95 Dial-Up networking has the save password box greyed out. How can I save my password?
A: If the Save Password option is grayed out, you'll have to click Start, Settings, Control Panel, then double-click the Passwords icon. Click the User Profiles page, and make sure the "Users can customize their preference..." option is selected. This will allow passwords to be saved.

Q: How can I change my password?
A: Dial-up account passwords are stored in two different places. Passwords for your dial-up connection cannot be changed online, you must call us or email your request. E-mail passwords can be changed by visiting member services and choosing the change password icon. It is important for security for users to change their passwords often.

Q: Where can I find a dial-up number for my area?
A: Dial up numbers for our networks can be found on the member services page by clicking the locate dial up number icon.

Q: How can I save money on my Internet Access?
A: Many accounts have reduced fees if you prepay them. Also, if you pay monthly by check for a personal account, you can save by paying by credit card. Please see our pricing information for more information.

Q: Will programs like AOL Instant Messenger or ICQ work on your service?
A: Yes. You do NOT have to have AOL to use their instant messenger