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Technical Support/Uploading web pages

Steps to upload a web site

Personal Internet accounts with CTS include 2 megabytes of storage space which you can use to upload a personal or non-profit organization web page. Commercial web pages are not allowed to be posted in personal accounts. Here is a brief outline of the uploading process. We cannot provide free support for developing personal web pages, so please do not ask. If you are interested in learning web development, please check out some of the numerous web and book resources, or contact us about training. Thank you and good luck!

Note: These basic steps are also applicable to uploading a commercial web page.  Also, Microsoft Front Page may be used to create and post a commercial web site if your account has front page enabled.  If you have a commercial account, and would like to have front page enabled, please email us.

Step 1. Develop your pages on your local computer.

Step 2. In order to transfer your pages to our server, you will need to obtain an ftp program if you do not already have one. We have WS-FTP for windows available in a free download by clicking here.

Step 3. Start up your ftp program and connect to, and log in with your username and password.

Step 4. Using your ftp program, create a directory on our server called www. Important: The directory name www is case sensitive, so make SURE that the w's are in lower case.

Step 5. Using your ftp program, transfer the files into the www directory that you just created. Make sure your first file is called index.html or index.htm.

Step 6. Close your ftp program when all of the files are uploaded. You can now access your web page with the URL where (username) is your account login ID.

Guidelines: You may not place any copyrighted, illegal, or indecent material in your personal account. You may not use your personal web page for any commercial or for-profit activities. This includes advertising a product or service, on-line selling, and collecting information for mailing lists or other for-profit ventures. Posting personal resumes is permitted. Information stored on personal accounts is there at your own risk. We take no responsibility for content or suitability. We also will not provide file restoration or backup services for personal data unless you agree to pay the hourly rate of $60/hour. Business and commercial accounts are backed up regularly. We encourage users to keep a backup of their site on their own computer. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate web sites and privileges to users who do not follow these guidelines. Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for more details.