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Technical Support/Windows XP Dial-up Configuration

How to configure dial-up networking in Windows XP

Click on Start - Control Panel

  1. Note: If you are running Windows XP in classic mode, you will need to select the Start menu, select Settings, then choose Control Panel

    Click Start - Settings - Control Panel

  2. Click the Switch to Classic View icon

    Select Switch to Classic View

  3. Double-click the Network Connections icon

    Double-click Network Connections icon

  4. Click the Create a new connection icon

    Select Create a new connection icon

  5. Click the Next button.

    Click Next

    1. Select Connect to the Internet. Click the Next button.

      Select Connect to the Internet - Click Next

    2. Select Set up my connection manually. Click the Next button

      Select Setup my connection manually - click Next

    3. Select Connect using a dial-up modem and Click the Next button.

      Select Connect using a dial-up modem - click Next

    4. In the ISP Name field, enter CTSI to identify your connection. Click the Next button.

      Enter realtime in the ISP Name field - click Next

    5. In the Phone number: field, type your local dial-up number and click the Next button.

      Enter the dialup phone number - click Next

    6. Refer to the account information form that was mailed to you and proceed with the following on the Internet Account Information screen:

      1. In the User name: field, type your Username.
      2. In the Password: field, type your Password.
      3. In the Confirm password: field, type your Password.
      4. Check the boxes as you desire.  
      5. Click the Next button.

    Enter your user information - click Next

    1. Check the box next to Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop if you wish to have a shortcut to the connection on your desktop. Click the Finish button.

      Click Finish